Rick Dancer covers in the first segment of his show, the Greater Idaho Movement is one step Closer to annexing several Oregon County’s. In the second segment @ 17min 24 Seconds into Rick’s show, R.D. Mitchell of the Oregon General Jural Assembly is his guest. R.D. Mitchell discusses our current status of our Government. How there is a movement in our Nation to re-establish The Republic Of The United States For America. R.D. Mitchell goes into detail about the nationwide movement of the People Assembling and why you should join your Local County General Jural Assembly. There are other organizations such as the State Nationals and American State Nationals asking for your participation and why the General Jural Assembly and the Petite General Jural Assembly is the Real Assembly Of the People, By the People and For the People. For more information visit the National Assembly Website @ www.national-assembly.com.