Glenn Beck Founders Friday Ben Franklin

Glenn Beck Founders Friday 06/24/2010 Tonight, Founders’ Fridays continue With BenFranklin. There’s a lot missing in what’s taughtabout our Founders like Franklin. Did you knowthat Franklin, who so hated the poor, helpedcreate the nation’s first hospital? He is also oftenlumped in with the “Founders were racist”claims. Well.if he was a racist, then he wasn’treally good […]

Glenn Beck Founders Friday James Madison

06/11/2010 Founding¬†Father James Madison was not animposing figure, standing only about 5 foot, 4inches and weighing less than 100 pounds. Hemay not have been imposing to look at, but hewas an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Heis also often referred to as the “father of theConstitution.” There’s been a lot of talk latelyamong patriots […]